About Portugal

Under the about Portugal pages you can find a lot of information and view photos about and from Portugal.
As much as we would like it, it is not feasible for us to visit everything ourselves and to share our experiences and experiences with you. We are happy to share photos and information with you of the places where we have been personally. Much information has also been obtained via the internet and from various books. A big source was @Wikipedia. Our thanks for this.
For all placed photos which are not of our own hand, we have received permission from the creators of the photos to be allowed to place them. In most cases the name of the author is mentioned unless explicitly requested not to report this.
We have divided Portugal into a number of regions for you:


Centraal-Portugal & about the Beira



Madeira & de Azoren

There is so much to tell about Portugal. The diversity of nature. The mountains, the forests and also the vast cork oak fields. Or what about the Atlantic Ocean and also the many rivers? You can sunbathe in summer but also ski in winter. There are many places of interest, both new art and old palaces.

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