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You can easily register using the contact form below. Traveling around Portugal uses various forms of mention. Therefore, read this carefully for the correct registration.

The entries

Extensive listing on the new website at € 25.00 per year. For this a photo of the accommodation is placed with a short text and also a link to the own website * 1). The accommodation is also included in the accommodation overview on the map and also on the overview page.

Basic listing for € 15.00 per year. For this a photo with a short text of the accommodation is placed. Contact and requests are processed through Tours Portugal. The accommodation is also included in the accommodation overview on the map and on the overview page.

No mention of your name on the website. The accommodation remains included in the file for the tours. A photo will be posted on the website and your accommodation will be listed in the overview of participating accommodations. However, all contacts go through Tours Portugal.

Link mention: With all three mentioned above it is also possible to get a direct link to your website on the region overview page. The costs for this are € 10.00 per year. The accommodation is also included in the accommodation overview on the map. The link entry can also be chosen as a separate entry. A photo will be placed in the overview.

Other information

With an extensive mention supplemented with a link mention of € 35.00 per year, it is also possible to have a free mini advertisement placed once a year in one of the newsletters from Tours Portugal. Send your advertisement to Placement is in order of arrival.

* 1) If you do not have your own website, it is possible to present your accommodation on an extensive page for an amount of € 50 per year. You get a direct link to the page which you can use to refer your guests to. If you want to have a website made, you can do this with a discount at Portugalore, webdesign

Een jaar loopt van 1 juni tot en met 31 mei. Meld je je na 1 juni aan dan wordt er naar pro rato verrekend.

Term of notice and cancellation:

The entry by 30 April must be canceled for the new period. If this is not the case, the listing is automatically extended by one year.

    We request that you seperately send a photo stating your accommodation name to

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