Sights in the country

Although all sights are in a certain region / place, there are a number that stand out for their special character. The place in which they are located is usually unknown, but certainly not the sight.


High on our list are the ruins of Conímbriga. The ancient Roman city of Conímbriga is one of the richest archaeological finds in Portugal. Conímbriga has its origins in a Celtic castle of the Conii tribe, at the end of the Iron Age. It was occupied by the Romans from 139 BC. and the population was completely romanized. Under Emperor Augustus in the 2nd century AD. Chr. the city knew its greatest splendor; then public baths were built and a forum, a reconstruction of which can be seen in the museum. With the decline of the empire at the end of the 4th century, a monumental defensive wall was built but that did not prevent the city from being attacked by the Sueven in 468 and Conímbriga in decline. The city was empty and the residents went to Condeixa-a-Velha, more to the north.
The large excavations carried out since the 20th century show a valuable and complex body of buildings, including thermal baths, an aqueduct that transports 3400 meters of water from the source, and remains of a Christian basilica that probably dates back to the 6th century. There are noble houses with beautiful mosaic floors. For more information see website Conímbriga

Here you will find the ruins from there it is a short walk to the museum:

With thanks to B. Goud for the photos.

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