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Traveling around Portugal is not a travel agency and therefore does not offer complete package holidays. You are free to compile your round trip through Portugal based on the information on the website itself. You can choose from the accommodations that have joined with Tours Portugal. In addition, there are of course many more accommodations in Portugal where you can certainly stay as nice, nice and nice or not with Dutch speakers.

You can, however, make use of the services of Rondreizen Portugal by means of advice  in the composition of your (round) trip through or stay in Portugal. Based on your wishes, budget and possibilities, a travel advice is tailor-made for you. This takes into account, among other things, the indicated period, your interests and the desired travel speed. During the compilation of the advice there is already frequent contact with the accommodations on the desired route and an option is taken for you on one or more dates. For the composition of the advice you can also indicate whether activities should be included in the advice proposal. If this is the case, an option will also be taken for you in the relevant activities. You will find the activities where Rondreizen Portugal has been able to make attractive price agreements here. You can express your preference for one or more accommodations based on the route and availability will be indicated as much as possible. It is also possible to spend your entire holiday at a single accommodation.

You must take care of your transport to Portugal and within Portugal. We can advise you when booking airline tickets and renting a car.

Information about prices, payment and cancellation


The prices for stays with or without breakfast and the prices for the activities that have been added to are the amounts used by the participating accommodations and organizations. Roundtrip Portugal has been able to make price agreements with the accommodations and organizations. The advice includes one total price for the entire round trip including all stays and accredited excursions as described in the advice.

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